Creating Your Home Apothecary 2018


Creating Your Home Apothecary 2018

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You're invited to join this year-long adventure, following the rhythm of the plants, building season by season an herbal apothecary that will bring vitality, beauty and connection to your home. 

2 winter, 2 spring, 2 summer and 2 autumn hands-on apothecary days, including...

  •  Medicine Making : tinctures, fresh herbal infusions, elixirs, salves, oxymels, infused oils & honeys, cordials, tea blends,  and more.

  •  Kitchen Medicine embodying the understanding that food is our medicine. e'll cook, eat, forage, ferment,                                                  and preserve the seasonal harvests.

  •  A Comprehensive Study of 40 medicinal plants, detailing the habitats, harvests, uses & preparations of locally abundant and occasionally exotic herbs.

  • Creating the SpaceYour apothecary is a place to truly welcome the plants into your home. Together we'll work to fill it with glass bottles, jars, boxes, handcrafted labels, rows of herbs hanging to dry, and your own system of organizing and making a beautiful and functional medicine pantry.

  • As well as much more, as determined and inspired by the seasons, the plants, the students, and the teacher! 

This 8 class, 36 hour course will meet one Saturday per month in February, April, June, July, August, September, October, and November in the Bristol & Lincoln, Vermont area. 


Total Cost : $950
paid in full by January 15th, 2017
$1,000 paid in two $500 installments: 
January 15, 2017 & July 15, 2017 

What's Included:
All Materials to create your apothecary, including all the medicinal herbs, glass jars and bottles, alcohol for tincture making, oils for infusing,
beeswax for salves, honey for oxymels and elixirs, vegetable glycerin for glycerites, labels, boxes, and more! 
36 Hours of small group class time, wildcrafting, making medicine, learning about the medicinal plants, building up your apothecary, etc. 
Gaining the Knowledge (and the apothecary!) to take care of yourself, your family, and your friends with safe, local, organic and lovingly prepared medicinal plants!

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