Good Medicine Confluence

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Good Medicine Confluence

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The Good Medicine Confluence in Durango is among the most incredible gatherings of plant folk in the world today.

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Emily’s offering the following classes there:

Face, Tongue, & Body Diagnostics

Our bodies are constantly telling us about where they could use some strengthening, some detoxing, some warmth, or cool, moisture, nutrition, rest .. you name it. Brought to the awareness of modern western herbalists by William LeSassier and others, and fleshed out (excuse the pun) by Chris Marano, Margi Flint, Matthew Wood, and other contemporary herbalists, face and body diagnostics have once again become an indispensable part of the practice of many health care practitioners. Eye troubles? Snappy joints? Let's take a look at your liver. Learn about where each of the organ systems opens to the face/head and tongue, how to read a person's thyroid health in their neck, how the shine in our hair and the ridges in our fingernails, or lack thereof, are indicative of kidney and adrenal function, how our tone of voice reflects the health of our organs, even what butt pimples are trying to tell us about our lungs. Each and every part of our external body is relaying messages about what's happening on the inside. If you have a little handheld mirror here in Durango with you, please bring it along. It’s great to be able to see these things right in the moment. I’ll bring some too, but the more the merrier!

Mint Family Magic: From Monarda to Skullcap, Peppermint, & Beyond

This amazing family's deep and generous support of our bodies is crucial to our well-being, and even to our evolution as human beings. I think our nervous systems would be very different animals indeed had we not been raised up by the mints for as long as we've been people. This become especially evident when we look at our ability to connect, to calm down and tune in, to support the metabolization of our food (and of our experiences), and to harmonize the centers of consciousness living in our brain, heart, and gut. We'll look at materia medicas for a diverse range of lamiaceae plants, case studies, cutting edge research on the three big centers of consciousness in the body, and histories of mints as medicine from around the world.

Lyme Disease: The Great Teacher

The Lyme saturation in which we find ourselves is a powerful teacher about post-antibiotic medicine, the sophisticated movement of plant medicines through ecosystems and the human body, the incredible ability of bacteria to adapt, survive, and continually strive toward balance, and about turning to the plants for healing when few other options remain and watching them literally bring life back. The Lyme complex of infections, the ticks, the forests and fields, do not have to be our enemies – in fact, they are our teachers. And once we understand what's happening in our bodies when faced with these infections, we don't have to feel afraid – we know what to do; we can move toward healing. This in-depth workshop will cover herbal approaches to the following facets of Lyme Disease: deterrence, infection, acute care, and chronic support. Learn about the most potent plant medicines for Lyme borreliosis and common co-infections, as well as lifestyle and dietary guidelines to strengthen immune health and improve quality of life, whether the goal is avoiding or healing from a long-term Lyme infection. With the right approach and a little bit of luck, people come out the other side feeling healthier, more truly themselves, and more connected to the green world than they did before they got sick. There are great teachings in this…