Herbal Approaches to Lyme Disease: Sept 27 / Hinesburg, VT


Herbal Approaches to Lyme Disease: Sept 27 / Hinesburg, VT

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Thursday September 27th   6:00-7:30pm

Hinesburg Town Hall, Hinesburg, VT

Suggested donation: $20; please pay what you can. 

You're welcome to arrive at 5:45 for light refreshments before class. We'll begin promptly at 6:00.

If possible, please email Jeri Belisle (jerihelen@gmail.com) to let us know you're coming, so we can be sure to have enough handouts for everyone. Thank you!


The Lyme saturation in which we find ourselves is a powerful teacher about the limits of allopathic medicine, the sophisticated movement of plant medicines through ecosystems and the human body, the incredible ability of bacteria to adapt, survive, and continually strive toward balance.

The Lyme complex of infections, the ticks, the forests and fields, do not have to be our enemies – in fact, they are our teachers. Once we understand what's happening in our bodies when faced with these infections, we don't have to feel afraid – we know what to do; we can move toward healing.

This in-depth workshop will cover herbal approaches to deterrence and acute care*  of Lyme borreliosis and common co-infections, as well as lifestyle and dietary guidelines to strengthen immune health and improve quality of life, whether the goal is avoiding or working through infection.

*Please note that this class will not cover chronic infection.