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FREE! Milkweed Medicinals Sustainable Seeds Coupon

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Milkweed Medicinal Seeds are amazingly vital, potent, and grow gorgeous medicinal plants that are perfectly acclimated to Vermont’s seasons.

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About Milkweed Medicinal Seeds:

“Milkweed Medicinal Seeds is owned and run by Jessica Manchester and is going into its fourth year of operation. For the first two seasons Jessica focused on live plant sales and learning how to harvest and clean seed crops while working at High Mowing Seeds.  While looking for a permanent home for Milkweed Medicinals, she has been honored  to work collaboratively with many farmers, nurseries and herbalists to harvest seed from well loved plants and begin this lifelong journey.  

With our changing climate, it is going to be essential that we start using locally sourced and acclimated seed from plants exposed to our ever more challenging growing conditions.  Our goal is to ensure healthy and well adapted plants in the future.  So we strive to save seed from plants with exceptional potency and vigor, because the best medicine starts with the seed.

Our motto is "For the Medicine of Tomorrow" because we believe in investing in a  holistic, sustainable and grasssroots approach to human and planetary health.   Our goal is to encourage  people to reclaim their birth right to work with plant medicine.   Seeds are magical. They literally hold the genetic material of the future.  To be able to hold that in your hand is quite empowering! 

Our seeds are proudly had harvested from land that is certified organic or cared for with similar principles by the following caretakers:

*Joann Darling of Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism in Montpelier, VT

*Erin O'Hara of Turtle Hill Native Plants in East Montpelier, VT

*Jenn and Zac Johnson of Plant Spirit Farm & Fibers in Brookfield, VT

*Mary Niles, herbalist and homesteader in Montgomery, VT

*Michael Pilarski of Friends of the Trees Society in  Port Hadlock, WA

*Melanie and Jeff Carpenter of Zack Woods Herb Farm in Hyde Park, VT

*Amy Goodman of White Dove Sanctuary in Calais, VT

*Gaia, caretaker  of the wild places  where seed was foraged in the Green Mountains”