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Community Supported Herbalism



An herbal CSA is a chance to fill your medicine cabinet and kitchen with fresh, local, potent herbal medicinals.

We work with the seasons, harvesting from our gardens, wildcrafting from the mountains, and - when need be- supporting our local organic medicinal herb farms to create powerful tried-and-true herbal blends to keep you healthy year-round.



Shares are offered once per season in the spring, summer, and fall.

Spring Share: late June

Summer Share: August

Fall Share: early October

Exact pick up / mailing dates TBA. If you are unable to make a pick up time, we can certainly find an alternative.



CSAs are popular across the country as a way for people to connect with their farmers in a mutually-beneficial and community-building way. Recently this model has extended to the world of medicinal herbs. Purchasing an herbal CSA share saves you 30% on the retail cost of everything you receive, and supports us by letting us know that we have a market for which to grow and create our high-quality herbal products.



An herbal CSA share is good for everyone! Having a medicine cabinet full of natural, organically grown, and expertly prepared herbal remedies, accompanied by an educational newsletter each season, is an empowering and practical way to keep yourself and your family healthy and self-sufficient through every season.



Pick Up Locations:

The Sweetgrass Herbals Apothecary in Lincoln, VT

Downtown Middlebury, VT

Not local? No worries! We mail CSA Shares anywhere in the contiguous U.S. via USPS Priority Mail.



A Full Share, ideal for a household of 3-5 people, costs $325 for the year.

A Half Share, perfect for a household of 1-2 people, costs $165 for the year.

Mailed shares cost an additional $35, to cover priority shipping and handling.

An example* of our seasonal CSA offerings:


Tinctures: Allergy Relief; Daily Detox

Teas: Raspberry Leaf & Violet; Nourishing Nettle

Topical: Healing Balm; Sprain & Strain Salve

Other:  Bug + Tick Repellent; Herbal Body Scrub


Tinctures: Stress Less; Sleep Support

Teas: Calendula & Red Clover; Chamomile

Topical: Sunburn Salve; Yarrow 1st Aid Kit

Other: Sage & Rosemary Sea Salt; Flower-Infused Honey; Herbal Popsicles


Tinctures: Cold & Flu; Immune Support

Teas: Magical Mint; Tulsi Chai (non-caffeinated)

Topical: Moisturizing Body Butter; Rosewater Spray

Other: Elderberry Elixir; Honey Cough Syrup; White Pine Oxymel

Each season’s share is accompanied by a newsletter detailing everything in your share, seasonal herbal recipes, tips, updates from the medicine gardens and apothecary, and more.

You’ll also get a bouquet of fresh culinary +medicinal herbs each time you pick up your CSA share, along with suggestions for easy ways to use them fresh or save them for later. (Mailed shares will not include this bouquet).

In addition, when you sign up you will have access to discount codes and coupons for Milkweed Medicinals' gorgeous local medicinal seeds, CBD products from Breathing in Wellness, as well as your choice of a variety of optional add-ons like a special flower share from Rock Meadow Farm tailored just for our CSA members, locally-made soaps, and more.

*Actual share contents may vary a bit from these lists, depending on weather, crop success, and availability. The format, however, will stay constant: 2 tincture blends, 2 tea blends, 2 topical preparations, and 2-3 other seasonal medicinals.

Meet Reyna Morgan-Richer, Our CSA Manager:

“Several years ago I picked up a magazine, Willow and Sage. Inspired by the beauty held within the pages and a desire to develop a salve to help heal a mysterious skin condition affecting my partner, I created my first “healing salve.” A salve that seemed to work like a miracle. After that I felt a calling to work with medicinal flowers and herbs. What came next was a flurry of research and learning, from aromatherapists, other herbalists and self-inquiry. The more I learned, the more I realized that what I once saw as “just flowers and weeds,” to be medicine, a path to healing and a weaving of deep desire and longing of these plants to be known, to be felt, loved and honored. Not just that, but I found that I had true joy and happiness in creating herbal medicinals for healing friends and family ailments. The feedback I have received about the products I have made and my continued learning has guided my own career path in herbal medicine making, with an herbal based business, Breathing in Wellness, co-created with my partner. It brings such pleasure to work in the Sweetgrass Herbals medicine gardens, to make relationships with Emily, the land, and the heart and soul that is held so lovingly there.”


Questions? Please write to us! Send an email to emily (at)

We hope you’ll join us for a season of herbal abundance!