Emily French is a clinical and traditional herbalist working with a wide range of clients and medicines. Her work revolves around her love for reconnecting people with the sophisticated art and science of plant-based healing that we've all known, somewhere in our bones, for thousands of years. 

She is a passionate and intuitive clinician, educator, wildcrafter, farmer and medicine maker, and is proud to carry on the age-old medicine  tradition that has been passed down from her grandmothers'  grandmothers and grandfathers' grandfathers.

With over 4,000 hours of clinical experience, Emily has a broad understanding of both acute and chronic health issues, and how to work with the healing plants to help people move toward balance and vitality. 

Emily holds an advanced degree in Clinical Herbalism from the Clearpath School of Herbal Medicine, a degree in Holistic Health & Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, served as Farm to Cafeteria Director of the Massachusetts Farm to School Project, and has served on the Council of the Northeast Herbal Association.  

She is the founder of Sweetgrass Herbals and a co-founder of The Hawthorn Center.



 EMAIL: emily@sweetgrassherbals.com  


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