Emily is a very gifted and genuinely kind person and herbalist. Both her consultations and classes are extremely thorough, always with the intent to help educate. She cares very deeply for her clients/students and is always very supportive throughout the learning and healing process. The herbs (and people!) she comes in contact with are indeed very fortunate!
I started taking classes with Emily several years ago. Her knowledge of plants is endless. She connects with plants as living partners in a quest for healing and wellness. She has a gentle healing aura that emanates healing energy. Her passion for plant medicine has inspired me to learn more and take a more active role in my own health and well-being and a more mindful relationship with nature.
As a client, Emily treats me as a whole person. I am not just a body part but a partner with Mother Nature and her healing gifts. Emily’s ability to assess my needs and connect me with herbs and plants has enriched and improved my health. After using my personalized herbal mix, my asthma improved. I went to my pulmonary specialist and he said my lung capacity improved by 10% and I no longer had to see him, unless in crisis.
I have had the great honor to be a client and student of Emily French for the past three years. Emily is incredibly in tune with the intersection of plant and human worlds. She offers a unique approach to healing with the support of plant medicine, lifestyle changes, and nutrition suggestions. Emily’s Clinical Herbalism practice has changed my life immensely and I am forever grateful to her knowledge and wisdom as a healer.
I only use herbals for my daily wellness and in thirty years have only found three herbalists who make fine STRONG formulas that work fast! Emily is one of them... Herbals like hers are hard to find.
Emily has been given a very special gift and grace with the plant medicines.
I am coordinator for Addison County Child Care Provider Networks. I hired Emily to present workshops on health and wellness. The providers loved Emily’s classes and exclaimed,”they are the best workshops I’ve ever had “; “I could listen to Emily talk all day!” Providers have attested to improved health and well-being and share their information with children and families. We will continue to hire Emily as a source of inspiration and knowledge.
A workshop with Sweetgrass Herbals is full of information and important conversation. It gives space for everyone to share and learn from where we’re at. It’s a welcoming space for all, in which Emily brings so much understanding and knowledge about herbs, and everyone comes together around the importance of taking medicine into our own hands!
Emily is amicable and knowledgeable. She provides a comfortable atmosphere where learning is enjoyable and pressure is nonexistent. Emily’s courses are a total package of vital knowledge promoting self-sufficiency and community, but her inherent capacity to embody these values is something that makes the courses extraordinarily captivating. The skills learned and the wisdom attained are empowering and an integral part of a sustainable and intentional lifestyle. I highly recommend Sweetgrass Herbals and Emily.
A Sweetgrass Herbals workshop offers equal parts information and inspiration. In sharing her profound knowledge of plant medicine Emily French has added new techniques and a deeper understanding to my relationship with herbs. I highly recommend Sweetgrass Herbals to anybody seeking a stronger connection with the natural world.
Emily teaches how to listen to our bodies, to strengthen ourselves, and then, when necessary, find the medicinals that will work for our ailments. Her workshops are the perfect balance of hands-on activity, academic-style learning, and a healthy dose of intuition.

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